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Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Happy Birthday Alm. Gede Agus Dharma Putra :')

Happy Birthday Dgus! Wishing the greatest for you in the other life o:) We miss you and love you a lot!! The memories of you in High School especially in Xa and in XI IPS2 never forget from our mind. Remember the memories when you in the hospital and we celebrated your birthday in the outside of your room. We make a wish the best for you. Remember when the last second of your life :"( Remember when I saw your body in the mortuary. Remember when we went to Singaraja for your funeral. Remember when the last moment we saw you. Remember when I threw the soil to your resting place. Remember my brother was sick when arrived at home after from Singaraja. Miss you much!! Always remember you brother! :')

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